#GivingTuesday Starts Today

One of our core strengths at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning (CRCL) is our early childhood education whereby we prepare children from birth for kindergarten readiness. We provide support to pregnant women and young families, such as Ayda Guzman, mother of four, who became involved at the Carole Robertson Center when her oldest child was four years old and she was pregnant with her youngest child. During that time, a home visitor from Carole Robertson Center provided Ms. Guzman with information on breast-feeding and other infant development support. The home visitor also assisted Mrs. Guzman by teaching her oldest daughter how to write her name and the alphabet. Ms. Guzman said that that help we provided prepared her daughter for school and that we “go way beyond” her expectations all the time.

All home visiting programs utilize the “Parents as Teachers” curriculum for families with children, which acknowledges the parent as the foremost expert on his or her child. With this as the guiding principle, home visitors develop a strong partnership with the family and support a parent’s growth, parent-child interactions, development-centered parenting, and family well-being. Ms. Guzman said our programs really prepared her daughter for school. Her oldest daughter now attends kindergarten at Legacy Charter School and is in a class with teachers from the Carole Robertson Center. Ms. Guzman says her daughter comes home from school and teaches her siblings what she learns.

The Guzman family benefits from the diapers, formula, and financial assistance that the Center provides. Your generosity during #GivingTuesday supports our mission to educate, enrich, and empower the children and families of the Carole Robertson Center for Learning.

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