• Center-Based Programs - CRCL

    Center-Based Programs

    We serve children ages 6 weeks to 15 years in classroom settings at our sites in North Lawndale and Little Village.

    • Infant Toddler Development Program

      The Infant Toddler Development Program provides full-day, year-round care and education for children aged 6 weeks through 3 years. Children are educated and nurtured in classroom environments that support healthy development and growth as they begin to learn the skills needed to be successful in school. An emphasis is placed on responding to children’s natural cues, providing continuity of care, and building strong and consistent relationships between children, parents, and staff.

    • Early Childhood Education Program

      The Early Childhood Education Program promotes positive development in children aged 3 through 5 years in a classroom setting and prepares them for future success in school. A mixture of creative programming help children develop skills, confidence, and an enthusiasm for learning with experiences in language, literacy, computers, math, science, music, art, nutrition, and outdoor play.

    • After School Enrichment Program

      The After School Enrichment Program serves children from Kindergarten through age 15 in a classroom setting. School age children are provided a framework of academic support and enrichment activities, including literacy, music and fine arts, and physical activity. This program expands to full-day during the summer and when schools are closed during the year.

    • Legacy Charter School

      Legacy Charter School partners with the Carole Robertson Center for Learning and provides Kindergarten readiness for children aged 4 through 5 years in 2 separate school classrooms. The Center employs staff in these classrooms and utilizes the same creative programming as in our center-based programs.

  • Home Visiting Programs - CRCL

    Home Visiting

    Home Visiting services are offered to families with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years who are unable to access center-based programming. Children receive early learning services through regular home visits and center-based activities to learn new skills, gain support, and connect with other families. Generally, children transition into a center-based program before starting Kindergarten. Families are assigned to a program model based on family need and the age of the child at enrollment.

    • Early Head Start and Head Start Home-Based Programs

      The Early Head Start and Head Start Home-Based programs provide regular home visits with center-based socialization activities for families with infants, toddlers, and preschool age children. These programs target families with multiple access barriers to daily, center-based programs. Both Home-Based Head Start and Home-Based Early Head Start models utilize The Creative Curriculum and a linked child assessment system. The Early Head Start Home-Based program also serves pregnant women prior to birth.

    • CPS-PI Home-Based Programs

      The CPS Prevention Initiative Home Visiting Program serves children from birth through three and utilizes the national Parents As Teachers curriculum. Parents As Teachers offers a prescribed curriculum that builds relationships with families and engages parents as their child's first teacher. The model includes regular home visits with families that emphasize parent-child interactions, development-centered parenting, and family well- being.

  • Enrichment Services - CRCL

    Enrichment Services

    Family Support Services span all programs to provide social service support and concrete assistance to parents and families served by the Center. All programs are also enriched with the following Program Enrichments: Music and Fine Arts Education, Family Literacy Development Program, and the Bilingual Immersion Program.

    • Bilingual Immersion Program

      The Bilingual Immersion Program enables each classroom at the Center to alternate instruction in English and Spanish to support child language development in both home and second languages. On-site English classes for parents are also provided.

    • Family Literacy Development Program

      The Family Literacy Development Program is an agency-wide intuitive that provides a print-rich environment and fosters a love of books, reading, and learning in all families. A range of family literacy activities, parent workshops, and take-home materials are provided.

    • Family Support Services

      Family Support and Social Services span all programs to provide concrete assistance and education to all parents and families served by the Center, including parent classes, advocacy education, and family activities. All families are provided with social service support, intervention/counseling, screenings, assessments, linkages to health services, and special needs support when needed.

    • Music and Fine Arts Education

      Music and Fine Arts Education is integrated throughout all center-based programs. Children under the age of 6 participate in weekly music education, learning songs from around the world, playing instruments, and exploring musical concepts. School age children can participate in a brass and percussion ensemble and arts workshops including dance, studio art, theatre, and technology-based design.

  • Community Partnerships - CRCL

    Community Partnerships

    The Carole Robertson Center for Learning additionally partners with Rachel's Learning Center, Family Focus, and Legacy Charter School in order to extend our reach to more communities in Chicago. The Center employs staff at Legacy Charter school and provides monitoring and support for Rachel's Learning Center and Family Focus.

    • Community Training

      The Center is a network provider for Illinois Action for Children's Community Partners Program. Through those programs, early care and school age professionals on the west and southwest sides of Chicago receive a variety of resources, training, and technical assistance in support of their work with children and families.

    • Family Child Care Home Network

      The Family Child Care Home Network provides quality care and education for children aged 6 weeks through 5 years. Services provided through this network mirror those provided through center-based programs. Licensed providers and parents receive support, resources, networking, and guidance through the Center's network.

    • Family Focus

      The Center partners with Family Focus located in the North Lawndale and Hermosa neighborhoods to extend our reach across the city of Chicago with Early Head Start Home-Based services. The Center provides support and monitoring.

    • Rachel's Learning Center

      The Center partners with Rachel's Learning Center located in the Austin neighborhood to extend our reach across the city of Chicago with Early Head Start classrooms. The Center provides support and monitoring.