Board of Directors

The Carole Robertson Center for Learning has a unique governance structure that ensures those we serve have a strong voice in organization growth and development and that it maintains focus as a family-centered and community-driven organization. Center by-laws require that the majority of the Board of Directors is comprised of constituent representatives, such as current or former parents of a Center participant or alumni of the Center’s programs. These board members bring a deep understanding and the first-hand experience of the Center’s programs and the communities served. In addition, the Board of Directors includes community representatives who bring a range of outside expertise and experiences along with a commitment to community-based work.


Responsibilities of the Board of Directors include: planning the long-range future of the Center, assuring adequate financial support for the organization, providing leadership in fundraising, adopting policies to govern the affairs of the Center, evaluating program and organizational effectiveness, and employing and supervising a qualified Chief Executive Officer to manage daily operations and implement the goals and objectives of the agency.


The Board of Directors elects Community Representatives when such vacancies arise. Terms of membership are two years. Membership requires participation in at least one committee, fulfillment of an annual fundraising commitment, and attendance at meetings monthly, special events, and Board retreats. We look for those with an interest in community-based work, early childhood education, youth development, parent leadership, and non-profit management.

For more information on board responsibilities and board membership, contact Juleigh Ruby at 312.243.7300 Ext. 222 or

Board of Directors

  • Carter Culver

    Community Representative, President
    Exelon Corporation

  • Jessica Gaito

    Community Representative, Vice President
    Neurocrine Biosciences

  • Christine Brambila

    Constituent Representative, Secretary
    Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development

  • John Blasi

    Community Representative, Treasurer

  • Dulce Dominguez

    Parent Representative, Director
    Parent/Family Policy Council

  • Tondra Hamlin

    Parent Representative, Director
    John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital

  • Naressa Jones

    Parent Representative, Director
    Hospice CNA

  • Maribel Lopez

    Alumni Parent Representative, Director
    Lawndale Christian Health Center

  • Lakesha Nelson

    Alumni Representative, Director
    Mikva Challenge

  • Dave Robertson

    Community Representative, Director
    Deluxe Corporation

  • Nick Scodro

    Community Representative, Director
    RBN Insurance Services

  • John Smith

    Community Representative, Director
    ACH Food Companies, Inc.

  • Joanne Steinback

    Community Representative, Director

  • Jewerystine Tribble

    Alumni Parent Representative, Director
    Saint Anthony Hospital

  • Dianne Robertson Braddock

    Robertson Family Representative, Honorary

  • Jamellah Braddock Ellis

    Robertson Family Representative, Honorary
    Owner, Curl Theory

  • Bela Moté

    Chief Executive Officer, Ex-Officio
    Carole Robertson Center for Learning